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Monday Morning Motivation

Law of Gratitude

Are you facing a challenge? Be thankful. Are you still paying for a past decision? Be thankful. Are circumstances less than desirable? Be thankful.

The natural tendency is to resist or condemn situations that are less than ideal. Be grateful instead!

"But if I'm thankful, it's as if I'm inviting still more problems," we lie to ourselves.

Not true. Virtually every circumstance has a lesson for us if we're willing to look deeply enough and learn. Especially our so-called "failures." Begin by first giving thanks for them.

You can't leave somewhere you've never been. Gratitude is the discipline that provides the access for something better. Accept what is (the Law of Reality) and be thankful for it, good or bad. Not only does life get instantly better, but what you thought were challenges, difficulties or trying circumstances are reduced to helpful reminders of what doesn't work. How great is that?

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Goar Blanco:

Thanks a lot for the reminder!!!!!!!!!!!

I listened to your conference in P.R. and it was great.
Thanks for being part of my practice.


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