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Monday Morning Motivation

Law of Hierarchy of Values

Actions rarely lie. They are symptoms of beliefs. Beliefs reveal our values. Ultimately, what we value prompts us to action, whether it's the value we place on our appearance, our family or in the case of patients, the value they place on their health.

Patients who place a high value on their health are more open to patient education opportunities, nonsymptomatic care and more likely to pursue opportunities to maximize their well-being.

Patients who place a low value on their health are inclined to spend minimal amounts of time and money on themselves. They have other things that they value more. Perhaps it's their career, grandchildren, travel or the latest gadget.

It's their free will choice you know. (Law of Reality).

There is little you can do to change their values. You can talk until you blue in the face or light your hair on fire. No change.

Love them anyway.

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Reed Shiraki:

My blog post from last week Thursday adds an "amen" to what you shared here.
An excerpt:
"Who am I to resent a person, deny a person, who is not in alignment with the way I see things?

Where is the mercy, understanding, and compassion in denying another because he or she doesn't want to play by my rules?

Rather than kicking people out, my responsibility is to accept where the patient is at and respect their decisions even when they conflict with my recommendations. Then, I must educate. Enlighten a person with tact and gentleness to see the worth and benefits in doing things 'my way.' Use acceptance and love, and there is a chance they may come around.

Expel that person from the practice, and there is no chance whatsoever!"

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