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Monday Morning Motivation

Law of Opposites

We live in a universe of duality. Day and night. Winter and summer. Birth and death. Good and evil. Boom and bust. One cannot exist without the other. In fact, it can only exist because of the other!

Imagining that you can have the crest of the wave without the bottom of the trough ignores this simple reality. Expecting that your practice can grow and grow and grow and expand forever, while the focus of many chiropractors' dreams, is impossible. Expansion without contraction is actually unhealthy. When this happens in the body we call it cancer.

Whether success or failure, realize that this shall pass. It may not seem that way at the time, but it's true.

If you're in a trough now, first be grateful. Then, faithfully prepare for the upcoming crest. Because it's coming. Clean. Organize. Repair. Reinvent. And if you have enough faith, use this time to rest.

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Hi Bill,

I really love your simple use of universal laws to communicate powerful practice principles to your readership. As with our patients, we chiropractors learn best by stories, metaphors and analogies, to which you are a master at communicating!

I've posted this to our Rosen Coaching Blog (, credited to you, to share with our readership and to pass on the powerful message.

Thank you for all that you do for our profession!
Dr. Angie Meyer

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