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Monday Morning Motivation

Law of Attraction

Much has been written about attracting what we want into our lives. But consider an aspect that may have been overlooked, even with all the buzz surrounding The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know?

Ever see a magnet with just a north pole?

A magnet is powerful because one pole completes the other. Just like your spouse completes you, your staff completes you and even your patients complete you. Without this completion, we have the equivalent of a free radical.

If you show up in your life or your practice with the need to control, then you'll largely attract emotionally-draining patients who must be managed. In fact, it's the primary type of patient you attract since self-responsible individuals find you overbearing and well, unattractive.

If you don't care for the people or circumstances showing up for you, show up different before you can expect to attract completions that are more pleasing.

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So, if I want affluent, attractive, well educated, wellness oriented individuals who want the same for their children, who do I need to show up as? :)

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