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unhealthy-truth.jpgLittle did Houston soccer mom Robyn O’Brien know that by feeding her fourth child some scrambled egg for the first time it would unleash her unbelief, anger and result in The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food is Making us Sick -- And What We Can Do About It.

Turns out Robyn’s daughter had a severe allergic reaction to the eggs. The rest of the book describes the process of uncovering the effects of genetically modified foods, bovine growth hormone, soy, the role of Monsanto, aspartame, corn syrup and the other aspects of our food supply. Chiropractors will be familiar with much of the content and the collusion between Big Pharma, Big Agribusiness and the FDA. The research citations are extensive and impeccable.

As a side note, Ms. O’Brien mentions, almost in passing, that her daughter had had a vaccination prior to her reaction to breakfast eggs—yet didn’t connect the dots.

This mother’s research to uncover the truth about food additives will especially interest patients who are awakening in their understanding about the business of food.

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Thanks for this, Bill. I've been slow to get to this one.......mostly because I don't really need any more evidence of this particular axis of evil. In my blog I call it The Big Pharmachine.

I'll get right on this read, though, so that I can put it out for patients.

Bryan Siegel, DC:

Goes to show Bill... when something hits close to home, that's when people are most likely to take action. I plan on reading this one!

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