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Monday Morning Motivation

When things are in flux as they are today (change is good, remember?) it's tempting to do nothing. The tendency is to freeze. But waiting for a clear sign, while understandable, is a form of hiding. It's the least courageous choice.

Remember the parable of the talents? The servant who buried his so he could return it intact to his master was castigated and had it taken from him and given to the wiser servant.

Same here. This is the time for bold action. Commit to a direction and then make it the right one by what you do to support it afterwards. Decisive action, especially now, will be handsomely rewarded.

Times like these are designed to discourage those who aren't fully committed; to weed out the dabblers, the tentatives and the uncertains. Nothing tests your commitment like the winds of change.

Act! Doing so creates the very direction and guidance you've been waiting for.

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Shawn LaBelle:

We have been revamping our educational process over the last month. Looking at why we do (and don't do) what we do. Deciding is good. Taking action is even better! Riskier? yes, but that's where the trust factor comes in. And the Master likes trust!

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