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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you address the subluxation, or the person with the subluxation?

The mechanistic, allopathic approach is to largely ignore the person or circumstances that created the "it" in favor of addressing the "it." But most "its," whether subluxations, tumors, infections or indigestion are merely symptoms of something else. If DC is to stand for Doctor of Cause, you'll want to lose your infatuation with the spine and expand your attention to the overall person.

Messy business, this commitment to cause.

Don't be misled into thinking you have to fix the cause. It's likely that you'll be unable to fix most causes. Are you okay with that?

Instead, have the courage to ask questions (and listen to their answers!) in such a way as to help patients connect the dots between their life and their health. It could be a significantly more powerful adjustment than anything you do to their spine.

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Todd Hackney:

So the question is, "Am I OK with not fixing the causes" of my patient's symptoms? I'll say yes! I know I can't "fix the causes" [ie- their stressors, lack of exercise, poor diet, etc.], but I am confident that I can help my patient's body, mind and spirit to better cope with those causes, thereby improving the quality of their life....

Bryan Siegel, DC:

Bill put forth a flowchart of communication in the beginning of "Connecting The Dots" which helps patients to understand how chiropractic works and how it's the body that does any "fixing," not the chiropractor. It's well stated and how a natural progression that makes it easy for anyone to understand. I have been sharing this with new patients so that we get off on the right foot. Perhaps you would like to try it as well.

Tony Russo:

Man Bill, you are really in tune with the the state of affairs when it comes to health care. Pretty large pill to swallow though. Go tell who's paying you that you wil likely not be able to fix anything, be they insurance companies or the patient. Takes guts, takes guts. Not sure if I possess that much courage.

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