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The Masters Circle Interview

I received permission to post this interview that Dr. Dennis Perman of The Masters Circle conducted with me back in early 2008. Appearing on their monthly Master Talk CD series, the interview tackles the topic of new patients, something that I haven’t talked about too much in the past.

Dennis is a great interviewer and each time I get to speak for The Masters Circle, I can count on a follow up interview that usually turns into a delightful Vulcan Mind Meld with a fellow analytical. (You can listen to my previous interview with Dennis here.)

Hope you enjoy the interview. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Comments (2)

Bryan Siegel, DC:

Great interview Bill; short, sweet and to the point with relevant information and a nice encouragement for a paradigm shift! Many Chiropractors have adopted an attitude of the "quick fix" for their practices just as many patients come in looking for the same. You have such a great way of helping us to question our beliefs and actions; thank you!

Bob Wagner:


Why not have you do an interview a month for us to digest? Just a thought! Thanks for all you do Bill, we love you for it!

Bob Wagner

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