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Monday Morning Motivation

The confusion, lack of clarity and disorientation pale in comparison to the feelings of “stuckness” that are often experienced by those scrambling to right themselves after being struck by waves of change or the undertow of being no longer relevant to the marketplace.

Pulling out of this death spiral requires a new way of being.

Deceived into believing that success is something you do, rather than something you are, those who are going through a rough patch needlessly exhaust their limited resources by pursuing procedures, equipment or scripting that makes them increasingly inauthentic, uncentered and unattractive.

Real success is about being fully you, not becoming a cheap imitator of someone else. Beware of those who suggest “do it like I do it.” Modeling others only seems like a convenient shortcut. And anointing a mentor practically invites exploitation.

If you’re afraid that being fully you would chase patients away, change you.

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Tony Russo:

Notwithstanding the value of your advice, because anyone who even reads one excerpt from Patient Media would know that I read, comment on and incorporate all of your ideas because I consider them fundamental to our profession. And I recommend that all new Doctors of Chiropractic have no choice if they want to start their practices on the right foot (often times falling on Chiropractic College implanted deaf ears). But I postulate this:
What if, Bill? What if, one does all this, incorporates your recommendations, does what's right, and still, is greeted with disappointment?

WDE: The principles of chiropractic remain true. It is usually in the application of the principles that shorcomings arise--often pride or ignorance; making chiropractic in one's own image, rather than conforming to the principles.

Tom Close, D.C.:

In retrospect, I've lived a good deal of my life and my 33 years in practice feeling like I was operating with missing pieces. Attempts to fill that feeling with "equipment, procedures, scripts" and other management strategies ironically often reinforced the sense of inadequacy.
When I participated in The Conversation last year, I "got" that it was ok to just show up as myself. What a concept! (As if we can really do it any other way than being ourselves.)

This was perhaps the main "Aha!" of the weekend. How simple. Just coming home to what I already was all along. The result: a practice that was 80% less stressful and a relaxed joyfulness where I can let my desire to serve unfold naturally. Thanks, Bill for the deeply healing idea!

Tom Close, D.C.

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