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Monday Morning Motivation

An airplane is drawn up into the sky. It is the shape of the wing, not the powerful engines that actually do the lifting. Without the specially shaped wings, an airplane would be just merely a fast bus.

It is the shape of your practice, that draws new patients and produces an uplift in your patient volume and practice income. Not self-effort, cleaver gimmicks or a shortage of new patient specials.

What shape is your practice in?

Do you have distinct edges (clear boundaries) defining what is your responsibility and what is the patients? Do you have the internal strength (staff training) to withstand the pressures of more new patients? Do you have a checklist (patient education system) to insure each patient attaches an appropriate meaning to what you’re doing? Do you have the momentum (driving purpose) to create the necessary lift?

Practice growth is more about a shortage of you, rather than a shortage of new patients!

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As always, you hit the nail right on the head. Just like a hole-in-one atlas adjustment. Keep up the great work.

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