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10 Things. Now!

10-things.jpgThere are many practitioners whose practices are growing; having their best year ever. That may be hard to believe if you find yourself in the pit and feeling stuck.

This was a topic that Dr. Sig Miller wanted me to address in a recent Webinar for the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors last week.

The 51-minute Webinar is free and you can watch it by clicking here. (You may need to download the most recent Flash plugin to avoid the show stalling along the way. Get the Windows version here.)

I won’t give away the punch line, but I think you’ll find it a helpful collection of practical things you can do, and a couple of more resourceful ways of being. By the way, extricating yourself from the predicament of decreased patient volume, reduced income or questioning your career path is actually more about being than doing. Frustrating I know, since most of us, when faced with a challenge, instinctively look for something we can “do” to “fix” the problem. Fixing is big with chiropractors—whether fixing spines or fixing their circumstances.

Hope you enjoy the suggestions. Hope you’ll act on them. Hope you’ll let me know.

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Mike Headlee,D.C.:

What a great webinar, you are Awesome. I am going to make all of my interns listen to this and dive into your website. Chiropractic is so gratefull to have you in it.
Mike Headlee, D.C.

Tony Russo:

Excellent. These are the basic "tenets" to which all Chiropractors should subscribe. I find that for the most part, all the new grads coming out of Chiropractic Colleges present with their hands extended palm up, expecting their 6 digit profits after the first year in practice. This interview puts all that in a corrected perspective. Very inspiring, very real, very helpful.

Hi, I'm Jim and I'm a news-aholic. It doesn't matter, Hannity, O'Reilly, Matthews or Olberman, I watch them all, and now finally I'm going to stop the madness and turn them off for good. Thanks Bill for once again holding up a mirror to me and my profession and pointing out all the flaws.

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