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Monday Morning Motivation

What are you waiting for?

It’s tempting to believe that we’ll be happy when… or I’ll we’ll have greater success when… such and such circumstances are just right. But waiting for the economy, the kids to leave the house or some other arbitrary event is mechanistic and reactive.

Waiting for a more opportune time, justified as being “better” or making the task “easier” is rarely true.

Waiting overlooks the power of intent, decisiveness and certainty—each changes the fabric of space and time. Waiting treats the world as a giant pinball machine and our role in it as hapless victims. Waiting is based on the false assumption that circumstances must be ideal. Waiting surrenders our say in the matter of our lives and overlooks our role as co-creators.
Instead, a ct with unshakable faith. Act with unwavering clarity. Act with doubtless confidence. When you do, you actually create the circumstances you were waiting for!

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Tony Russo:

Reminds me of a quote, "Opportunity does not come with a label" and if one worries about making a mistake, Henry Ford said, "Those who don't make mistakes work for those who do"

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