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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you understand patients?

Many chiropractors understand a patient’s health complaint and what it will take to restore their ability to self-heal. Yet, these same chiropractors are often woefully inadequate when it comes to understanding patients.

To understand is to “stand under.” That is, to support the patient. To supply a foundation for them. How do you support patients without bumping up against an unhealthy co-dependency?
Help them make a new, more appropriate meaning of their health complaint. Help them become present to the stresses in their lives that produce the survival mechanism we call subluxation. Help them to know that they have been a co-conspirator in creating (and then neglecting) their health problem. Help them to know that you’re attending to them, not merely their spinal “boo-boo.”

When you help a patient truly understand, they have one of the most attractive, referral-inspiring experiences possible: to feel that they were understood.

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Tony Russo:

Being a proficient understander is the key the unlocks the door to practice success. The down side is that it is not a science, it's an art. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

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