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Answered Prayers

chemotherapyThose who follow this column know that for the last nine months my dad has been wrestling with lymphoma, the same thing that killed my mom back in 1991 and her brother soon after. Now, after eight infusions of poison (at an oncology center he jokingly referred to as The Cancer Shoppe) designed to kill the cancer without killing him, the report from his PET scan yesterday revealed… no presence of cancer.

Praise God!

After the initial congratulatory portion of our telephone conversation last night, I asked my dad a question that stems from 28 years of hanging around the vitalistic profession of chiropractic.

“So, what did the doctor suggest that you do differently from now on to best assure that you remain cancer-free?”

His answer alarmed me.

“Not a thing,” he said.

This alarmed me for several reasons.

First, it was clear proof that the medical profession really does treat the problem, instead of the person with the problem. Other than the purely mechanistic notion that his cancer was the result of a “bad gene,” there was little interest in what might have been the cause of his cancer. Instead, all resources were directed at squashing the unwanted tumors.

I’m guessing this misguided notion afflicts chiropractors as well. Many claim to address the “cause” of a patient’s problem, but neglect to see the patient’s subluxation pattern as merely a symptom; a defense mechanism to physical, emotional or chemical stress that exceed the patient’s ability to accommodate. Instead of inquiring about the patient’s stress levels, they mistakenly believe that if they simply improve a patient’s biomechanics (and take pressure off the nerve), they are resolving the underlying cause of the patient’s problem. Talk about classic symptom treating!

Second, failing to offer even the simplest guidelines for post-cancer survivorship increases the odds that my dad could suffer a relapse, just as my mom did who had a similar remission (and lack of doctor direction) culminating with a vengeful return of her cancer several months later.

So, while I’m grateful that the heroic measures employed by modern medicine have saved my dad’s life, the absence of recommendations designed to prevent the recurrence of his cancer and advance true health, is a sober, if not personal, reminder that the medical profession is truly clueless (or uninterested) in prevention, much less wellness.

No matter. I have the ear of thousands of chiropractors. I’d like to impose on that franchise to supply my dad with some of the best recommendations possible. Will you help?

If I was my dad’s doctor, or at least responsible for communicating with patients who are leaving The Cancer Shoppe after dropping $100,000, I would have sent him home with a list of at least 10 things, similar to this one. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to improve upon or add additional ideas to these:

Avoid all refined sugar. Stands to reason that if they use radioactive glucose to find the tumors, tumors must feed on sugar. Seems it would be wise to eliminate all such “tumor food.”

Supplements. Besides fish oil, supplement your diet of fresh raw foods (organic as much as possible) with whole food supplements. Consult a practitioner familiar with Nutritional Response Testing to uncover foods to which you may be allergic and avoid them.

Aerobic exercise. The lymphatic system is the body’s sewage disposal system. Yet, unlike the circulatory system that has a pump (heart), the lymphatic system depends on movement to collect wastes and promote circulation. The key is to get your heart rate up for 20 minutes at least three times a week.

Get chiropractic care. This goes without saying, if for no other reason than the relationship between the nervous system and the immune system.

Laugh. It’s true that laughter is the best medicine. Norman Cousins made this very clear in his book, The Anatomy of an Illness. Sign up for Netflix and rent their comedies. Watch standup on the Comedy Channel.

Reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol is an immune system suppressant. You need to give your immune system every possible advantage. Especially now.

Monitor your pH. There is growing evidence that illness and disease are virtually impossible in an alkaline environment. Avoid foods and beverages that turn your body acidic. You can get pH testing strips and directions for using them at just about any health food store.

Avoid all negative thoughts and words. You cannot afford the luxury of a single negative thought. Eliminate the news and corporate media that attract viewers and readers with lurid headlines and reminders about how bad things are. Most “news” is irrelevant to your life and simply advances a mass hypnosis and herd mentality.

Forgive. Make a list of every one and every situation in which you harbor anger, resentment or regret (even being afflicted with cancer). Forgive them all, by writing a letter (and not mailing it) or confessing your feelings to another. Forgiveness is for you, not them.

Pray. Be thankful for all the benefits that your bout with cancer has produced. (Can’t find any? Dig deeper!) Be grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead. Be more appreciative of this thing called life.

Follow the money and you realize that the profit is in the treatment, not the cure.

What are you doing in your patient communications to equip patients to no longer need you or at the very least, avoid a relapse? Even a less invasive, side-effect-free dependency is still a dependency.

As predicted...

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I would add: get sufficient sunshine so in turn you create sufficient vitamin D. It "turns on" thousands of genes in the human body that are beneficial, even in fighting cancer. Lots of information can be found through Dr. Mercola's website:

Distilled water also leeches minerals and dehydrates the body

Nobody has mentioned water. Journal of Sports Medicine states that a person should consume %66 of his/her body weight in ounces; non-tap water as tap water is toxic. The water source should not have Fluoride or Chlorine in it as they are poisons. Distilled water provides the most detoxifying characteristics. Thank you for all you have done Bill and thoughts are with your Dad as he embarks on a huge self learning journey.

Dr. Kathleen Kendra:


Praise the good Lord your father is doing well,
I will have him put on a prayer chain. and of course adjustments.

Dr. Liz Faletti:

Your article and a couple of the responses from the doctors really touched my heart, especially considering my own health challenges and the hands on learning that I am doing about what health truly is.

I agree with Mithra Green that in the end it is about what your dad believes. That is what he is most likely to act on. With that in mind, he is also of the generation that followed "Dr's orders."

I would add the following:

Juice Plus. A good source of antioxidants in wholefood source, in capsule, especially if he isn't able or won't eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Biofeedback. Example SCIO Emotional release and work. (I think my emotions, and those I stuff especially, have a greater impact on my health than I ever really understood til now.)
Finally, being aware of how fragile his body is after all the medications they gave him. Eating well right now is really important.

My love and prayers to you both.


Dr. Liz Faletti

Mithra Green:

You already know it, but saying it again can't hurt "Answered Prayers" is your most personal column to date. But there is more there in my opinion. You are attached (much stronger) to your father the way many chiropractors attach to their patients, to fulfill some emotional need. I silently scream in my head at what patients (and family) say and do regarding their health. I used to "metaphorically slap them" when they said the "wrong thing". Thanks to your wisdom I just love them instead, and become curious as to what led them to their beliefs. It's ironic that I just presented to a group of retiree's the "Astonishing Doctor You" to come to this page and read "If I was my dad's doctor...". Obviously the suggestions you've gotten are all good but I doubt it's anything you don't already know or at least know of. I'm listening to "The Seminar" again. I'm at the part where you talk about the lie "If they know what you know..." . It doesn't matter what you tell your father or what he knows. What does your dad BELIEVE will help him stay healthy or at least cancer free. That's the point where meaningful exchange can take place. Please know that this is written from a place of love and concern, not a "gotcha" moment. You've helped me by NOT being in my shoes (The Seminar, "So, how's that working for you?" lol), maybe the same perspective will be of help to you.
Mithra Green

Thaddeus Gala:


A few suggestions,
The chapter, "To the cancer patient"
Amazing results with DCA

The largest amount of living food introduced into your dad's body should be veggies. Eat nothing refined or packaged including most breads. A green food suppliment, DCA, mega-hydrate (,and enzymes. Identify foods with anti-carcinogenic facors, eat lots of them. Identify foods that are carcinogenic, avoid them. Get adjusted.

Praise God! One additional thought we could all add to the above list. Sleep. The importance of sleep is often overlooked. The list of all the amazing things that happen during sleep and that don't happen if you miss sleep is to long to list. But here is a good measure to use to ensure proper sleep at all ages.
Infants 16hours/day
Babies/toddlers 10-14hours/day
3-6 10-12hours/day
6-9 10hours/day
9-12 9hours/day
Teens 9hours/day
Adults 7-8hours/day
Older Adults 7-8hours/day
Pregnancy 8-10hours/day
Thank you

Ellen Coyne DC:

Very happy for your father and you and your family for the good report.
It can't hurt for him to go on a detoxification program. After dealing with all of the chemicals that we encounter on a regular basis in our air, food and water, as well as other carcinogenic exposures such as cleaning supplies and additives to furniture and everything else in our homes we need to clean out our lungs, liver and kidneys. Start with whole house water filtration. Daily detox teas, colon cleanses and switching to organic vegetables and fruits when possible. Some veggies and fruits contain more pesticides than others, you can look up which ones are the worst online.
Try cooking with olive oil more, get rid of anything that contains high fructose corn syrup. Include blueberries and other high antioxidant foods in the daily regimen.
God Bless!

Jeromy Myers D.C.:


After meeting you at a seminar you gave, and knowing that the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree, he must be a terrific guy.

A piece of advice that I have learned and have told some other cancer survivors was a story in National Geographic. They took the three cultures around the world that had statistically the most 100-year-old people or above and compared them to each other. To not bore you with the entire article, they only found one thing in common in all of them. The diets of each individual differed, so did their religious affiliation. Their work ethic and style of work was completely different as well. The one thing they all had similar was that they all participated in large gathering of friends or family on a regular basis. Every week or every day. I thought this may be of some help.

Give your dad the blessing of surrounding him with love from others no matter what form that is.

Thanks for writing on such a personal note.

Dr. Mike Rumpel DC:

Excellent article Bill. I truly appreciate you for all you do! Our office will be doing a summary of your ideas as a handout to be given to all clients who have either personally been through this or know someone who has (which means all our clients should get it!!). I agree with Dr. Kish that in the winter months Vitamin D3 levels should be tested and addressed. I would also recommend EFT (emotional freedom technique) to address subconcious emotional causes of subluxation patterns. Its available free at I also highly recommend vital greens daily to alkalize the bodies pH.

Love and Gratitude,


Peter Kish DC:

Bill, there is plenty of research on the anti cancer effects of Vitamin D3, Cholcalcipherol, (the active form of the vitamin.) Research states that one should supplement with between 2000IU and 4000IU per day, whereas the RDA is currently 400IU. You can find info on David Seaman's site, on Mercola's site or Vit D council site. My wife and I take 5000IU per day in winter as we live in WI and have little body sun exposure. Also although I am not very familiar is to supplement with CoQ10. The rest of your recommendations sound solid. Your comment on alkalizing the body through fruit and vegetables is also well researched and is part of our Paleolithic diet.
Best, Peter

Tom Morris, DC:

Thank you for sharing this very personal experience, Bill. God bless your father and bless you for all you've done for our profession!

I've begun a newsletter/email for my patients and this experience/recommendation would fit nicely with the message I want my patients to have about health. May I share your words with them?

Thank you and may you have many years left with your father.

WDE: Of course. If it will help someone else, by all means.

Brian Deal:

Thanks Bill. My 42-year-old sister is in the end stages of a fight with colon cancer. 1.2 million dollars to date. She went to the best and brightest, Rochester Mayo, Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago as well as Envita cancer treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ. She has received excellent chiropractic care as well as wonderful nutritional advice. Nobody dealt with the emotional component. Nobody tied the whole story together.

Not even ME a chiropractor of 22 years who thinks he understands the importance of caring for the person not the problem. We as DC's need to humble ourselves and get past this back and neck care idea. Past the ideas of outcome studies (ask my sister about outcomes). Get off this notion that because we are DC's we know better. Talk is cheap. Bill you are more of a chiropractor than most of my colleagues. To the rest of us, until we become experts and put our time in as individuals to understand the nature of the human condition we are doomed to pick up the scraps that medicine and the media throw us. I will pray for your father and for you Bill.

Tony Russo:

My father went through the exact same thing with Thyroid Cancer. And one year later when it returned with a vengance, it chewed him up and spit him out like a dirty greased mechanic's rag. Greatful for your sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. And thank you for blessing us with tips on staying healthy and preventing disease and accepting health.
And God Bless "you".


"dropping $100,000"

Congrats to your father!! Wish him all the best. Amazing how much money all levels of medicine get from 1 person with cancer. By what you are saying it sounds like they want to make another life long patient out of your father. I think its rather entertaining when good chiropractors get laughed at for telling a family about lifetime maintainence care. But the medical profession never gets any flack for their lifetimers. Be it cholesterol, Blood pressure, cancer, arthritis....

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