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Monday Morning Motivation

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Many have fallen for the illusion that “seeing is believing.” But they have it backwards. First you must believe, then you will you see.

That’s because things exist on the spiritual level first before they manifest on the physical plane where the five senses can experience them. Closer to home, new patients exist spiritually before they can show up physically in your practice. So, while many search for the perfect script, the ideal screening tool or the sure-fire new patient offer, this attention is largely misplaced. It’s more efficient to create new patients on the spiritual level.

“How do you create new patients spiritually?”

Begin by getting your heart right. Seek to serve, rather than be served. That is, focus on how you can meet the needs of new patients, rather than how new patients will solve your ego-cash-flow needs.

Start there. Then you’ll see what I mean.

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Tony Russo:

Right on Bill,
When ever I started wondering or worrying abut where all the new patients were going, I would have more "no new patients" to worry about. Now that I develop ways of assisting new patients, I have no more worry about new patients and they come in. I average a comfortable 2-3 new patients per week. And it's just fine. New patients almost never stay long...but they always come back if you treat them right.

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