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Monday Morning Motivation

New patient statistics are a helpful barometer of your own health. Like symptoms, they are the last to appear and the first to disappear.

When you do a screening, run a promotion or conduct some other self-effort for the purpose of manifesting new patients, these are often the superficial variety. Oh, they have spinal problems, appreciate your care and usually get better, but they rarely embrace chiropractic as a healthy habit.

That's partly because your intention for manifesting those new patients was for your benefit ("I need more new patients!"), not necessarily theirs ("Who needs my help?"). This self-centeredness means you must constantly concern yourself with their replacement. It's burdensome work.

A lack of referrals from all those patients you supposedly helped is a telltale sign that something is amiss. Get your heart right. Dedicate your practice to serving, and you will be served. Meet their deepest needs and yours will be met.

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Tony Russo:

No spinal screenings, no advertising in magazines, no radio ads, no yellow pages, no billboard signs, no bus benches, no garbage cans (I'm serious), no, no, no. Good money thrown after very bad returns. When will you learn? I get frequent referrals and haven't advertised a dime. It's what you do for them that counts. What is done for you will come later, slowly. Thank "you," Bill.

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