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Monday Morning Motivation

How easily do you get offended? Or insulted? Slighted?

Common or rare?

As Eleanor Franklin observed, "No one can insult you unless you agree with them."

Many, especially those who are emotionally "thin skinned," seem especially on the lookout for circumstances in which they can feel some sort of justifiable rage, anger or at least irritation, based on the behaviors, beliefs or opinions of others.

It's a convenient source of angst.

This is one of those common social subluxations that you have complete control over. Being "offended" is merely a choice. What someone else believes has little meaning other than what you give it. Choosing to make it an attack on your beliefs is just that, a choice.

Hold fast. Know what you know. Believe what you believe. Assume they will come around. As you did. They're just not ready yet. Smile. Their time will come. Bite your tongue.


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Hi Bill,

Very insightful. As a new office, and a new DC, I have been getting out in the community quite often and spreading the message of what Chiropractors actually do, and here in Canada, the message that people have is backwards. Still very allopathic. I have found it hard not to become offended easily when they are so strong minded about something they have no information on. I see the battle and the work ahead of me, and when confronted with the situation again, I will be reminded about the quote, and your advice.

Thank you.

Tony Russo:

Hi Bill,
Very deep and impactful. These advices help change my practice, my business, my life. And in a positive direction. Although it is an art. It's an art to know when the recipient is ready to receive this valuable information. Case in point, I was pumped by your excerpt and interrupted the US Election conversation that my assistant and intern were having to share this with them. After the dull nod of polite approval, they got back to the US election discussion. I've got some work ahead of me.

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