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Monday Morning Motivation

Get back to basics.

During uncertain times it's tempting to freeze, waiting for clarity. Instead, now's the time to act by returning to the fundamentals.

It's about patients, not you. Only when you help others get what they want will you get what you want. Never confuse cause with effect.

Remain 100% present. Stay with patients. Avoid the temptation to worry about your problems or get distracted by the news, the weather or the economy.

Educate, educate, educate. As patients are tempted by other priorities, it's time to redouble your efforts to communicate the importance of a subluxation-free nervous system.

Say please and thank you. Be polite and thankful for who shows up, not distraught over who didn't.

Step up. Leadership is the ability to help others see a better tomorrow. Since you know the truth about health and healing, you have an obligation to be a source of hope and confidence.

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Tony Russo:

Check, check, check. In whatever crazy way, it feels better to wallow in how bad things are. But the "secret" to the successful practices is born out by the spirit of the leader. Just look at any successful practice and you'll see a positive leader. Just look at any struggling practice and you'll see a defeated leader. Great information Bill.

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