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Monday Morning Motivation

Are you in growth mode or defense mode?

Your practice, like the cells of your body, is in one state or the other. If it is slowly fading, you've probably switched from offense to defense. Sure, the economy can be a contributing factor, but it's deeper than that. Once your mindset becomes about protecting what you have, rather than leveraging it to create new possibilities, you've switched sides.

You can never "win" by playing defense. Don't fall for the lie that waiting for clarity is the wise thing to do. Wait for the "herd" and you'll likely be trampled. Instead, consult your heart and be decisive.

Now is the time to be bolder and tell the truth more passionately. Now is the time to plant your flag, take a stand and ruffle some feathers. Worry less and be more certain. Kick ass and take names. You know the truth. Declare it!

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Tony Russo:

You truely have your finger on the pulse of Chiropractic. And this excerpt is no exception. I have been in practice 14 years and I've seen Chiropractic go from one end of the spectrum to the other. My advise to all recent graduates is, "don't loose the passion" 'cause once you loose that, you've lost the battle. Without is only a manifestation of that which is within. And we've all fallen. Dirty diapers are kept on, why? Because they're their warm, they're soft and they're mine. Time to change our diapers.

Tony Russo:

You hit it dead ringer. If one were to combine this excerpt with your website idea, it'd be a perfect hit. This kind of information is the same information colleagues allow any practice management group to siphon their veins of the lion’s share of their profits. And with you, it's free. I can't believe it. Thank you Bill, for your passion and compassion for this profession.

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