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Monday Morning Motivation

"Begin with the end in mind."

It's a common refrain of productivity experts and a frequent element of the popular success literature. We're most likely to apply this helpful advice when embarking on a new project or instituting a new policy or procedure.

Have you applied it to your life?

When this life ends and you pass, what "end" do you have in mind?

As I've considered this prospect for myself, I've become increasingly aware that at the end I want to avoid regrets. The regret of not having fully loved. The regret of not having fully lived. The regret of having lived safe, small and being constrained by irrational fear. Of having held back and not fully embracing this opportunity called life.

It's not too late! Until the end, you can begin anew. Start this week. Start now. Start by jettisoning those time wasters and off-purpose tasks. Remember, no regrets!


Monday Morning Motivation

Are you in growth mode or defense mode?

Your practice, like the cells of your body, is in one state or the other. If it is slowly fading, you've probably switched from offense to defense. Sure, the economy can be a contributing factor, but it's deeper than that. Once your mindset becomes about protecting what you have, rather than leveraging it to create new possibilities, you've switched sides.

You can never "win" by playing defense. Don't fall for the lie that waiting for clarity is the wise thing to do. Wait for the "herd" and you'll likely be trampled. Instead, consult your heart and be decisive.

Now is the time to be bolder and tell the truth more passionately. Now is the time to plant your flag, take a stand and ruffle some feathers. Worry less and be more certain. Kick ass and take names. You know the truth. Declare it!


Monday Morning Motivation

Get back to basics.

During uncertain times it's tempting to freeze, waiting for clarity. Instead, now's the time to act by returning to the fundamentals.

It's about patients, not you. Only when you help others get what they want will you get what you want. Never confuse cause with effect.

Remain 100% present. Stay with patients. Avoid the temptation to worry about your problems or get distracted by the news, the weather or the economy.

Educate, educate, educate. As patients are tempted by other priorities, it's time to redouble your efforts to communicate the importance of a subluxation-free nervous system.

Say please and thank you. Be polite and thankful for who shows up, not distraught over who didn't.

Step up. Leadership is the ability to help others see a better tomorrow. Since you know the truth about health and healing, you have an obligation to be a source of hope and confidence.


The News From Lake Woes Be Gone

lakewoebegone.jpgTalked with a chiropractor who is going through a rough patch. He’s tried all the obvious things, such as reestablishing contact with his inactives, hiring the cheaper of the two recent new front desk CA candidates, putting his house on the market (bad timing on that one) and most recently, eliminating the monthly expense of the practice management coach that he’s had for the last seven years. These and similar strategies fall into the “save-yourself-into-success” category.

They don’t work.

Oh sure, reduce unnecessary drag on the aerodynamics of your practice by eliminating needless expenses. But doing so won’t turn things around.

We talked a bit longer and he revealed a thoughtless luxury that he has been indulging in each day that alarmed me. It began to partly explain why he’s been unable to get sufficient traction recently to extricate himself from his growing financial difficulties.

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Monday Morning Motivation

“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.”
Strawberry Fields Forever
The Beatles

Have you gone unconscious? Numb?

Many of the coping strategies we use, whether addiction to food, alcohol, sex, television, chocolate or (enter yours here) is an attempt to shut down our consciousness. This avoidance strategy allows us to relish in the delights of our five senses rather than face the uncomfortable circumstances we’ve created.

Notice the feeling in your body when you’re tempted to turn on the boob tube. Next time you reach for the bottle, notice what you’re feeling. When you look for your favorite numbing agent, take an inventory. What are you avoiding? What would you prefer not to face? What won’t you look at? Or confront? Or accept?

This is where your next breakthrough can be found. Want to grow your practice? Start here. Grow yourself. Your practice will have no choice but to follow.

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