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The Cabin Experience

cabin.jpgYesterday, I returned from spending 2½ days with one of my chiropractic heroes, Dr. Larry Markson, attending his new program called The Cabin Experience.

The event, which takes place in a gorgeous lodge on an island in the middle of Salmon Lake in Western Montana, is the next phase in Dr. Markson’s evolution as a leader and influencer. Before I explain how I benefited (and how you would as well), I’m going to tell you a little about Larry—an individual who rarely prompts feelings of ambivalence and who, it seems, is either revered or reviled.

This is the new Larry. Sure, he is as opinionated and certain as ever. And yes, he is incredibly observant and detail oriented. But when you attend the Cabin Experience, you’re going to meet a kinder, gentler, more compassionate Larry. The self-confidence that many have written off as an unattractive arrogance has mellowed into a gentle, approachable intimacy. The strident confrontation I remember from the past has been replaced with a wisdom that is not only attractive, but inspirational.

The new Larry created a safe place for the 24 of us (chiropractors and non-chiropractors) to face ourselves, dream bigger dreams and grow emotionally and spiritually. It wasn’t a seminar. It wasn’t an encounter. There weren’t any “hot seats.” There were plenty of potty breaks and time for self-reflection in a serene, natural setting.

Larry, who has taught me the importance of details, has left nothing to chance. Starting with the venue in the middle of nowhere. Many attendees had to take three airplanes to get to Missoula. And then there’s the almost one-hour van ride to the ferry that takes you out to the island. The fact this takes place on an island is significant. There’s no escaping. (Most of our breakthroughs come in the areas we don’t want to face or look at.) But who would want to escape the opportunity for personal growth and the chance to experience the world-class food, accommodations and hospitality, plus the deep connection with two-dozen like-minded people who want to be their best?

Most in attendance had done other self-development work, whether Total Solution, Landmark Education, Demartini Breakthrough Experience, etc. I won’t spoil it by explaining how Larry does it, but the effect for everyone was significant. He uses a much different approach than I do for The Conversation! Here’s what I brought home:

Live less in my left-brain. I’d heard this before, but I really “got” it this time. My ability to think through problems and use my mind to uncover solutions has been my strong suit. But I’ve relied on it too much. From now on, I’m going to be more present to that “wee little voice” whose guidance I’ve either vetoed or frankly ignored.

More risk taking. It may look to outsiders that I’m not risk-adverse, but compared to others I admire, I tend to play things too safe. I learned that this tendency is based on a mistrust of the universe! While not conscious of this, I now see countless examples from the past in which I imagined that I’m not living in a supportive world. I’m now taking bigger risks.

Create my future. I became present to the fact that I rarely invest much time or attention in creating what I want. And that starts with taking time at the beginning of the day to stop, listen and be still. Instead, I tend to react, abdicating my responsibility to proactively plan my future. It has cost me countless opportunities to serve others and make a difference.

Those were the biggies for me. I promise that everyone took home something different, based on where he or she is on their journey. That’s because, as Larry says, it’s all about the who, not the do. However, the one thing we all took home was a new understanding of ourselves. I can't think of too many things more valuable—regardless of the price one pays to obtain it.

(There are a couple of more Cabin Experiences planned. I urge you to reserve your spot now!)

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Dr. Wagner, I would ask that you consider getting to know Larry again, I to have had my issues with him, and that is exactly what they were, my issues. He is a great teacher and he is human. The Cabin Experience is a great place to rekindle that relationship.

As a great friend of my has always said; It's your future, be there healthy.

Donald D. Fox,D.C.

L.A. Hughes:

Dr. Wagner,

You and every other chiropractor that have a bad taste in your mouth need to LET IT GO!!!!! It’s holding YOU and THEM as hostages from being the doctors that YOU need to be being and to serve those that you are here for! Also if it is hard for you to trust chiropractors then what are you saying about yourself, and how do you expect your patients to trust YOU as well as your colleagues in your profession. I’m not even a Doctor of Chiropractic but I’ve been blessed to serve in Chiropractic for the last 17 years. I was introduced to Dr. Larry Markson whom I have high respect for he sets the bar not only for himself but of others, and it shows in him and those Chiropractors that I’ve met, and I can say that most all of them speak very highly of Dr. Markson he is a coach and mentor that everyone needs especially when you need a kick in the pants which it sound like you need right about now QUIT making this about YOU and make it about the people you are here to serve and you might start with Dr. Markson.

L.A. Hughes

Mithra Green:

"People buy the messenger before they buy the message." Where do I remember hearing that?

Todd Hackney:

As Bill stated, Larry Markson is "an individual who rarely prompts feelings of ambivalence and who, it seems, is either revered or reviled." As far as trusting other Chiropractors, there is no way on Earth, that every, single Chiropractor will like each other!! When I hear the negative experiences from different patients who went to other DC's, it's NOT a "self-esteem problem" if I have a less than positive opinion of that DC's "message" that was sold to him/her that they in turn sold to the patient....If Larry Markson is your "chiropractic father", then you found what you're looking for. If not, keep looking....

Lyle E. Koca, DC:


You are right, YOU never received any value because YOU did not listen to the information that he created, to quote: "It is hard to trust chiropractors because well, they are chiropractors!" It is apparent by your written word that YOU have an esteem issue, and it is not Chiropractic, but a personal issue. For the sake of Chiropractic, take care of your personal issue with yourself, maybe YOU should attend The Cabin Experience to overcome your personal fears and roadblocks.

Your comment; "We are all the same and that is good and it is bad." No we are not, because I am not like YOU, I am willing to listen to the messenger, because the messenger carries a message we can learn from. I do not wish to be the same as anyone, I choose to BE me, and to improve me, not be stuck in my stuff.

One of the many things I have learned from Larry Markson is simple, he is harder on improving himself, to pull us up the steps to improve ourselves and challenge our old beliefs to create new beliefs and welcome obstacles to improve our world and those around us. That is uncomfortable to many, which is why we like to "shoot the messenger."

Admittance of "inactivity" is hard to do. I know, I USED to do that. I am proud to have met Larry Markson, to have hugged Larry Markson and of the many people that have influenced my life, my families lives, my patients lives and those who I have yet to meet, Larry Markson contributed to that growth --yes simple Larry is MY Chiropractic Father.

"The Universe is my school and it is recess all the time!" Because of the information that I heard and put into action!!

Lyle E. Koca, DC (and proud to put D.C. behind my name!!)

michael Blackman:

Larry is a true example of one who walks his walk and talks his talk. He had been instrumental in the success of thousands of DC's. Even at an older age, he continues to refine his skills for the betterment of the profession. I credit much of my chiropractic success to his teachings and guidance. I have a truly blessed practice and have helped thousands of people find health through chiropractic. If you want to shortcut your road to success and self love; challange yourself and enroll in the cabin experience. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Bob Wagner:

You are a master at getting people to revisit things in their life. In chiropractic it is so hard to get over some of these humps and Markson is one of those. I remember him from the 80's and he was for a lack of better words, a world class jackass. Arrogant, pompous, and cocky beyond belief. I'm not doubting anything you are sharing but just wish that we didn't always have to rebuild with the same group of characters. Markson left such a bad taste in so many chiropractors minds that while his information may be of value he never created any value in the minds of the practicing chiropractor. Maybe the key is to get out of it like he did many years ago and that may actually allow the mind to be useful to others again! It is hard to trust chiropractors because well, they are chiropractors! Always acting like they received something that the next chiropractor didn't! We are all the same and that is good and it is bad. Thanks for being transparent!


Bob Wagner

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