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Monday Morning Motivation

If you marvel at the performances of Cirque du Soleil or the recent achievements of Olympic-level athletes, you’re familiar with what the organizing properties of our nervous systems, combined with years of practice, can produce.

Same in your office: organization and practice.

Is your office organized? Let’s assume the areas of your office that patients see are orderly. But what about the other parts of your office?

The cancer in hallway closet.
The polyp in the bottom file cabinet.
The chaos of cables behind your computer.
The putrefaction of unread magazines.
The cyst of never-consulted seminar notes.
The tumor of misfiled records.
The ulcer of unfinished projects.

You may be successful at hiding the disorganization from patients but you can’t hide it from yourself. It slows you down. It impairs the health of your practice. It blunts your effectiveness. It interferes with the function of your office—keeping you at amateur status. Get organized.

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Dr. Dan Hestera:

I never fully understood the principle of incomplete cycles until I actually tested it firsthand. It really makes a big difference. If you get a chance, Brian Tracy writes about and speaks about this very topic. The key is actually testing it out so you can see how huge of an impact it makes. Incomplete cycles are an actual burden that can prevent growth and change.

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