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Monday Morning Motivation

“Keep your eye on the ball!”

It’s tempting to look where we want the ball to go, rather than remaining present up to the moment we connect. Not being present is one of the hazards of being human. We’re easily distracted. Yesterday’s argument. Tomorrow’s rent.

When we surrender the present to the past or the future, we disempower ourselves. We can’t change the past. The future isn’t here yet. All we really have is the now.

This is especially true in the adjusting room. As much as there might be comfort in a linear, predictable, recipe-book approach to patient care, it’s only when you are fully “with” a patient that you have maximum influence. This is part of the art of chiropractic. It’s this “being” that makes whatever “doing” you do 10X more effective. Those who can keep their eye on the ball deliver legendary care: adjustments with “the extra special something.”

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Tony Russo:

My sentiments exactly Todd,
Like the cowboy, the days of cattle driving are o - v - e - r! I came into practice just as they were starting to end in 1995. I've seen them dwindle down to the teens. Now they're up to the 20's and even 30's. Ya, now we have to actually DO something. And I'm very happy for it.

Todd Hackney:

What do you mean, Bill? I thought we were all supposed to see 300-500 patients per week, work only 20-30 hours, and NO Fridays!! What's wrong with making patients wait for 30-45 minutes only to spend less than 5 minutes with the "DC flavor of the week"?!? You're saying we should actually try and treat our patients as WE would like to be treated?!? I thought EVERY PATIENT needed the $ame amount of care, the $ame time frame, regardle$$ of how they improve, ad infinitum?!?

Thanks again for presenting an HONEST and sincere attempt to make a difference!

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