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Monday Morning Motivation

Love does not delight in evil.

You've probably seen the cartoon showing a chiropractor delighting in the first winter's snow or ice storm because it means more business.

You may not harbor such evil thoughts, but what are you doing to help make yourself obsolete?

Subluxations are a result or effect of physical, chemical or emotional stress that overload the body's ability to accommodate. Are you teaching patients ways to mitigate these stressors?

Physical instruction: How to sit. How to lift. How to get in and out of their car. Proper computer ergonomics.

Chemical instruction: The burden of artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives. The allergens of wheat and dairy. The stress of refined sugars.

Emotional instruction: The importance of prayer. The power of forgiveness. The ability to neutralize emotions through the process of EFT.

The highest calling of any doctor (of any ilk) is to help prevent what it is they treat.

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Pack Miracle, D.C.:

Bill, Have you been reading D.D. again?

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