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Monday Morning Motivation

Love does not delight in evil.

You've probably seen the cartoon showing a chiropractor delighting in the first winter's snow or ice storm because it means more business.

You may not harbor such evil thoughts, but what are you doing to help make yourself obsolete?

Subluxations are a result or effect of physical, chemical or emotional stress that overload the body's ability to accommodate. Are you teaching patients ways to mitigate these stressors?

Physical instruction: How to sit. How to lift. How to get in and out of their car. Proper computer ergonomics.

Chemical instruction: The burden of artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives. The allergens of wheat and dairy. The stress of refined sugars.

Emotional instruction: The importance of prayer. The power of forgiveness. The ability to neutralize emotions through the process of EFT.

The highest calling of any doctor (of any ilk) is to help prevent what it is they treat.


Success On Your Terms

ford.jpgI was speaking to chiropractors in the England the Scotland last month, plus did a Conversation debrief and visited a couple of practices. It occurred to me during that whirlwind tour that one of the things that hampers many chiropractors from enjoying success (however they define it), is they impose a certain set of immutable conditions on their practice. And what makes it difficult to prescribe a specific set of action steps for each practitioner so they can enjoy the abundance they seek, is the incredible diversity of the conditions they insist the marketplace accommodate!

Like a modern day Henry Ford who insisted that Model T automobile buyers could have any color car they wanted, as long as it was black, all too many chiropractors impose a set of conditions on their practice and the patients they wish to manifest.

Here are five of the most fascinating conditions I’ve seen chiropractors impose on themselves and their practice members:

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Monday Morning Motivation

Love rejoices in the truth.

If you define truth as a "highly likely explanation of what is" and combine it with the observation that "what is, is," you have a vantage point neutral enough to deeply serve patients.

Most suffering results from attempting to resist, ignore or deny what is so. Thankfully, the meaning we attach to what is, is within our control. In fact, one of your greatest responsibilities is helping patients attach appropriate meanings to the circumstances prompting them to seek care from you.

When you love patients you tell the truth. Compassionately. Understandably. It just is.

You don't minimize. ("You have a little bone spur here.") Minimization is a disservice.

You don't exploit. ("I hope your children aren't suffering from the same thing!") Using fear, even when justified as in their best interest, is manipulative.

Instead, be centered, gentle and considerate, knowing that ultimately the truth can set us… free.


Framing the Conversation

Consultation vs. ReportI’ve been making an assertion at my recent speaking gigs that, to date, no one has disputed. My claim? That the initial patient consultation is more important than the report of findings.

Seems that many chiropractors invest an inordinate amount of energy on their reports. And while that’s great, by the time a patient gets their report, especially if it’s on the second visit or later, they’ve already decided to follow you. In fact, if anything, the relationship is yours to lose.

Why the focus on the report? Hard to say. But it seems that for many who coach the profession, the report of findings is perceived as a crucial sales event—getting the patient to buy something. Or do something. Or commit to something. If they show up for your report they’re doing all three. And there’s little you can say or do at this stage of the relationship to secure more than a couple more “test visits.”

Seems to me that if the consultation is handled properly, reports can be shorter and considerably less stressful for you and the patient!

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Monday Morning Motivation

Love always protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres.

You probably know some secrets about those you care for, that if widely known, would discredit or at least embarrass them.

Protect all secrets.

You tell the chiropractic story to all who will listen. Some overtly reject it. Others show polite interest. Others embrace it with passion.

Trust that the truth will eventually reign.

You help a patient with their admitting complaint and at the height of their progress, they discontinue their care without warning. Was it something you said? Was it something you forgot to say?

Hope that you made it easy to return should they suffer a relapse.

You feel like you're in a constant uphill battle to fight the allopathic, path-of-least-resistance mindset. It seems little progress is being made.

Persevere. You may not change the world, but you can change it for a few, maybe more! Press on.


Tiger Woods, DC

golf.jpgIf Tiger Woods were a chiropractor, would he have a successful practice?

That was a question I wrestled with in a dream last night. (Sick, I know.) But it begs the question, what does it take to be a successful chiropractor? How would you define success?

I assert that producing symptomatic results with a sufficiently high number of patients, like a license to practice, is merely a baseline requirement, and not the essence of being a successful chiropractor. There are plenty of chiropractors who produce great results, but who aren’t successful. These are the chiropractors who will often lament, “I just get ‘em well too fast!”

Conversely, there are new graduates fresh out of college who produce excellent clinical results, yet aren’t successful as chiropractors. Hampered by poor tableside manners, low energy, fear of strangers or a host of subclinical personality disorders, they are unable to sustainably exchange their valuable skills at a profit.

So, just what is it that separates successful chiropractors from struggling chiropractors?

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Monday Morning Motivation

Love never fails.

Some day the computer that you use to receive this message will fail and make repairs unjustifiably expensive. It will be placed in the trash bin, joined by the monitor and mouse.

Your office building, the adjusting table you use and the patient records you keep will fall into disrepair, become worthless and get discarded.

Those spines you straightened and the curves you restored will eventually become the dust from where they came.

In fact, as you look around at the material world that surrounds us, which can be detected with the five senses, it will all pass.

Everything will eventually fail. Except love. Love, because it is spiritual and not bound by the physics of this world, will persist. Eternally.

This week create more love. Instead of arguing, love. Instead of persuading, love. Instead of controlling, love. Instead of resisting what is, love. It never fails.

Too Soon. Not Ready.

students.jpgRegular readers may recall that from time to time I’ve leveled some harsh judgments about chiropractic colleges that seem more interested in tuition dollars and board examinations than producing gradates who can practice successfully. So along comes Life University, which has assembled an impressive curriculum entitled Principles of Practice and Business Management, designed to do just that. Moreover, imagine my delight when I was invited to participate in this program by delivering an 8-hour presentation to a group of students this past Saturday.

My host Dr. Brian Flannery was wonderful. The classroom venue was first rate. The weather outdoors was overcast and conducive to great attendance. And while the handful of students who actually showed up fought over the most distant seats in the back, they were generally polite, participative and from time to time, even appeared engaged.

But I learned something Saturday that caught me by surprise.

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