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personality.jpg*Personality not included, by Rohit Bhargava, is titled after the common refrain seen on various battery operated devices. It brilliantly takes a close look at the importance of rising above the faceless persona that so many businesses project. As I’m going through it, with its countless examples (many that you’ll recognize), I can see how this book could give courage to chiropractors who have suppressed their personality in the hopes of being more appealing to more people. As Bhargava points out, the exact reverse is true. In fact, if you’re in the midst of naming your practice something that doesn’t include your name, think twice. Chiropractic is a highly personal business. Yet, many chiropractors needlessly withhold information about themselves that could enhance their creditbility and influence with patients. I wonder how many chiropractors ever explain to new patients how they had fears and bias to overcome when they tried chiropractic for the first time. If you don’t normally read business books, You’ll enjoy this one!

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Although I have not read this book yet, I can say that one of the biggest reasons for the success of my practice is that I have never forgotten the skeptism and fear that I had when I first entered a chiropractic office as a patient over 25 years ago. I ended up there because nothing else worked. The results were so fantastic that they changed my life! However, I know that if I had those feelings initially, so do some of my new chiropractic patients. I often share my story with new patients so that they know that they are in the right place at the right time.

Many years ago a friend told me that whatever excited me when I was first a chiropractic patient should be what I was talking to my patients about. How true! When you learn about the true nature of chiropractic, it is very exciting. We all share that common ground.

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