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Monday Morning Motivation

Does your name become you, or do you become your name?

Naming a thing gives us dominion over it. Naming things creates the distinctions necessary to distinguish this from that. Horse. Zebra. Similar, but different. (Allopaths can’t even respond until the set of symptoms has a name!)

Is your practice name authentic to your purpose? Does your practice name limit your practice? Is your practice name congruent with your intention when delivering care?

Family Chiropractic. Is it? Or just wishful thinking?

So and So Wellness Center. Why do patients drop out when they feel better?

Cityname Pain Relief. Are you guaranteeing a cure?

Then there’s simply: Chiropractor. In other words, you already know what chiropractors do. Right?

Nothing destroys your creditability faster than assuming a name that doesn’t ring true with a patient’s experience. Patients may contemplate, “I wonder what else they fib about?”

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Mithra Green:

I was groking you until the sentence, "Then there’s simply: Chiropractor. In other words, you already know what chiropractors do. Right?"

What do you mean by that sentence? Do you feel it's ok to name your office Location X Chiropractic or is that a bad idea since the public perception of chiropractic (back doc) is not what I want to offer? How's about a little clarification? Thanks again for all you do.

WDE: Unfortunately, for many offices the signage you get only allows the word "Chiropractor" due to size constraints. The concern might be that without a modifier, you force the public to define you based on public perception--which may or may not serve your interests.

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