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Monday Morning Motivation

What do you stand for?

Many complain about the cultural domination of the drug industry. Many are actively against vaccination. Others loudly fight cancer. Still others get worked up over this and that and are ready to fight to slay some injustice or right a wrong.

But you can’t win by being against.

By attempting to overcome no shows, declaring war on sedentary lifestyles, confronting patients about their smoking or trying to talk patients out of quitting care, you actually create what you don’t want! Your attempts produce an equal and opposite reaction.

Instead, provide a more attractive solution. Stand for personal responsibility. Advance the truth. Encourage understanding. Trumpet the advantages of natural. Support a willingness to try. Incentivize follow through. Praise incremental improvements. Reward behaviors you want, rather than punishing those you’d like to eliminate.

Leadership is about creating a more promising future, not condemning what is.

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I understand the sentiment, but there are many examples of people who won by being against. The world being against the Nazi tyranny, Martin Luther being against bigotry, Jesus condemning the hypocritical pharoses. There is a time to be accepting and a time to draw the line in the sand and say, "We will not take any more!” that kind of passion tends to be an attraction to many many people who happen to agree (even patients who don't agree would rather have a passionate doctor than a milktoast one, as long as the doctor can agree to disagree). As the public becomes more aware of the disgusting profit that is made by destroying the lives of children with vaccination and pharmaceuticals for profit, more and more people are looking for doctors with the same viewpoint as them.

I feel the most attractive doctors are the ones who clearly stand for something special, and their patients don't have to guess where they stand on any topic.

Bryan Siegel, DC:


Many have asked how to employ the law of attraction in chiropractic... you just brilliantly summarized it!

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