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Monday Morning Motivation

How important to you is it to be liked by others?

For years, I led my life in the hopes of seeking approval. From everyone. If I could just arrange my life in such a way to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes or offending anyone, I assumed I would enhance my likeability. Believing this lie kept my influence to a minimum and made life an exhausting game of predicting others’ reactions.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that after all that effort there were still some who didn’t like me! This, after playing it small for so many years.

Live large. This is supposed to be an adventure. If you’re not making a few people angry or showing up in ways that confront or prick the conscience of others, you’re probably living too small. And the only payoff is “I should have” or “I could have” and the resentment of having squandered this incredible opportunity called life.

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Bryan Siegel, DC:

A great message here Bill. It's hard to believe you ever played it small! However, we are all not that much different from each other. Today, I visited my friend's father who is in a post-surgical rehab center. After experiencing a consistent decline in his health for some years now, there on the bed was a man in his mid 70's so weak, frail, somewhat incoherent and hardly able to communicate. When I read this MMM again after seeing him, it took on a whole new meaning for me. Thank you for being a consistent rock for the chiropractic profession. So many of us really appreciate you!

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