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Parker Student Assembly

parker_assemblyAfter his warm hug, when you spend time with Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, the president of Parker College, you can’t help but emerge more positive and optimistic about chiropractic and the future of the profession. That was my experience today as I had the honor of being the featured speaker for this trimester’s all-school assembly.

After a tour of the school (it had been eight years since I was here last), Dr. Mancini and I had lunch. It was a stimulating conversation. I was immediately struck by the great questions he asked.

“So Bill, you’re not a chiropractor, but you’re deeply involved in this profession. What do you see as your purpose?”

Turns out this is a question I’ve been recently doing a lot of soul searching about. So I wasn’t exactly taken by surprise. (Would you have an answer at the ready if you were asked the same question?)

When I started Patient Media, nine years ago April 20th, my original purpose was to “help leverage the time and talent of chiropractors.” Naturally, that was largely done by providing the next generation of contemporary patient education tools.

As I continued to grow and mature, my purposed morphed into something larger: “To serve God by helping alleviate unnecessary suffering.” I thought that was it, until I attended a couple of self-development programs. Besides an even greater understanding of how language creates our reality, I become present to an even simpler and more profound purpose: To heal.

I take that to mean healing myself as well as being an agent in the healing others. (Help heal healers and you significantly increase your influence!) Naturally, I use different tools than you. This website is just one of many venues.

The healing I did at Parker College was a program entitled The Biggest Mistakes New Practitioners Make. Based on the student response today, I may have inspired some student doctors, encouraged others and helped still others avoid some of the missteps that new practitioners have shared with me over the years.

Walking the campus with Dr. Mancini, something that has never happened at the 13 other chiropractic college campuses I’ve been privileged to visit and speak at, I was taken by the genuine optimism and positive energy among the students. No wonder enrollment at Parker College has been at full capacity for the last two years!

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I, too, was inspired by your presentation. You have an amazing presence in front of an audience and your words made everyone proud to be a part of the chiropractic community. I'm crossing my fingers that the video shown at the end of the presentation is now available?!

WDE: Not yet.

Jeremy Mitchell:


As a student at Parker, I was one of those that you inspired. All of the speakers I have experienced in the last 2+ years of attending Parker have been outstanding; and you were no exception. I want you to know my classmates really enjoyed your humor along with the deeper meaning and approach to how you explained your experience in healthcare. Thank you very much for coming to our school and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Tony Russo:

I was very inspired by your experience. It's very refreshing to hear some positives instead of the negatives we are inundated with minute by minute. Between CD's I could listen to in my care I've had to settle for Country, AC/DC(the best)NEWS radio with its blood, death, controversy, sub-prime mortgage crisis and the latest on the sexual improprieties of the mayor of Detroit. Needless to say, I've been kind of blah-ish. And I have no reason to be at all. Practice is quite fair, people coming in from years ago. People who even said I hurt them 3 years ago. Kids are doing fine in school. My oldest daughter is finally getting regarded for the 100's of hours of volunteership while her colleagues grumble.
So thanks Bill. Thanks for keeping the flame alive.

Russ Jepson:

Fantastic presentation today. I was intrigued by your every word. That was the first assembly I really listened to and learned something. I really enjoyed that last part with that movie that you made on the basics of chiropractic. I would like to know how I could watch that again. It was simple but yet motivational. Please let me know how I can get that so i can show my wife. Thank you Bill

Parker student -Tri5

WDE: That video is still in the testing phase and isn't available yet. Not exactly if or when it will be. Thanks for your kind words!

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