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Monday Morning Motivation

Don’t compete, create!

If you feel threatened by the new chiropractors moving to town or the changing economic climate, you’ve been misled into thinking you’re living in a zero-sum world. Competition leads to winners and losers. Creativity leads to new possibilities and unlimited potential.

Create extraordinary patient experiences. Create deep and meaningful patient relationships. Create new ways of communicating chiropractic. Create a more efficient procedure. Create systematic ways of keeping in touch with inactives. Create a way to keep yourself more present with patients. Create a clear vision of the outcomes you desire. Create gratitude for those who show up. Create new, higher levels of health.

Create ease rather than battling symptoms.

Avoid the temptation of imagining that your particular challenges are due to what others do or have done. Instead, raise the bar, become more relevant and create a better mousetrap. And watch patients beat a path to your practice!

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You are so correct when you talk about creating the extraordinary patient experience and how that will build your practice. Over the years I have been involved in a national law suit again a major insurance company, our state Association president and active politically as legislative chairman for our state. Each time when my duties got in the way of creating that extraordinary patient experience, the practice suffered. Make a commitment to your self, and your practice, that during practice hours, you only deal with patient issues and creating that extraordinary experience. We need everyone to volunteer to help at the state and national levels to move our profession forward. Just don't let that get between you and your patients and that extraordinary experience..

Tony Russo:

Creating defies the laws of conservation of energy, as it is limitless. Perfect! I do that every day. In fact, when I find myself even thinking of the Chiropractor down the road, I think, "Gee, I haven't been adjusted in 3 weeks. Let me give Mark a call." Or I tape a new segment on the cable channel or clean and organize the office, or make a few business calls or, or, or. But the last thing I would give up. Because that is indeed what one is doing when he "admits" that there's just too much competition out there. What he's admitting to is that he gave up. So don't give up...create!

Scott Goldberg:

Fort Lauderdale seminar was great! Thanks to your lecture.

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