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Monday Morning Motivation

“Begin with the end in mind.” What “end” do you have in mind as you care for patients?

The cessation of the physical, chemical or emotional stress that created a patient’s subluxation pattern? The restoration of spinal curves and improved biomechanics? The reduction or elimination of the patient’s presenting complaint? The patient’s compliance? The patient’s admiration and respect?

Unfortunately, you have little or no control of these outcomes. Focusing on them is a recipe for disappointment. They are tempting forms of pride that produce a reliance on your self-efforts, leading to doubt and a lack of confidence.

Instead, trust the wisdom of their body to use the energy you add to its greatest advantage. Instead, make the patient the hero, not your intervention. Instead, show up as a humble servant, unconcerned about reputation or outcomes you can’t control. Allow your being to be more powerful than your doing.

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Tom Close D.C.:

Dear Bill and fellow D.C.'s,
The head space this approach describes has eliminated about 90 percent of the stress that I have experienced in 33 years of Chiropractic practice and I wanted to share my experience: a release from a lot of unnecessary suffering!
When I took your "Conversation" seminar last November something really did shift and my new attitude of healthy detatchment remains intact, thankfully, and I know Im helping my clients more than ever and practice is a lot more fun and joyful.
Showing up "empty" (except perhaps for a desire to serve) and relinquishing the need to have practice be about me rather than be focused on those who seek my services, has pretty much set me free to be more of a healer and less a controller.
Its ok to be attached to results, to judge what is a good or bad response to care and take credit or blame accordingly, to be attatched to patient approval, follow through, etc. It's also futile and crazy-making. I'm so grateful for this insight! Tom Close, D.C.

Dr P Wolodymyr Mulyk:

Dear Mr Esteb,

I took your Back Talk Systems seminar in Seattle in 1992. It was a refreshing change from other doctor based management programs to have a patient's perspective on the way a chiropractor oversees a patient's care.

A belated congratulations on your "Patient Media" concept and much success in your future endeavours.

Yours in Light,

Dr Mulyk

Tony Russo:

Hi Bill,
You can lead a horse to water, but you just cain't make 'm drink. I tell everyone to jump onto your website and read this valuable information. Especially new graduates who have their fire and passion set at maximum intensity. For whatever reason, they deafen. I don't know how many $100,000's I would have saved or made had I listened to you from the get go, had you even been around from the get go. And it's all free advice! Some of the best things in life are free and your advice is clearly no exception to that maxim. As I write this comment I see the door open with patients I haven't seen in actual decades. And why? Because this is "their" time to come in and seek care, not my time. Their time. Having applied your principles has seen a slow yet steady growth in my practice. Thank you for your chiropractic ministry.

And regarding the deaf ears, I guess I'll just have to keep you all to myself (chiropractically speaking of course) and let them find out the hard way like I wished I didn't have to do. In the mean time Bill, just keep on doing what you're doing. I greatly appreciate it.

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