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Monday Morning Motivation

Is competition actually a form of envy and jealousy?

I meet some chiropractors who, instead of reaching out to the new chiropractor in town or supportive of the chiropractor down the street who uses a vastly different technique, are inclined to see these as competitors. To be destroyed and eliminated!


This zero sum game of thinking comes from the misguided notion that there is a finite number of new patients to go around. Apparently, so the thinking goes, if those other chiropractors get new patients then you won’t get them.

This is absurd.

Turns out, if more people in your community understood chiropractic, there would be such a demand for what you do there wouldn’t be enough chiropractors to go around! A shortage of new patients simply means you haven’t been telling the chiropractic story to enough strangers. When you create new patients you no longer have to compete for new patients.

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Arthur Rehe, D.C.:

I know that you want to keep things up beat. But as we are talking reality, I have to say that while I do not view the chiropractor down the street as a competitor, I do have to view him as a chiropractic detriment. Modern chiropractors are so poorly trained in real chiropractic and good chiropractic methods/techniques that they are an embarrassment. Patients, once having gone to one are usually of the opinion that chiropractic has a very limited use and often causes pain and damage. They become very skeptical of chiropractic.

In talking with a chiropractic college president here in Northern California several years ago he admitted that the colleges could not turn out good chiropractors because of the National Board and state board requirements that students spend most of their schooling studying medical subjects from medical texts. This cripples the minds of the young students, who should be thinking very differently than the medical thinking they are exposed to and required to mimic.

I agree that if people actually understood chiropractic that would be wonderful. I wish you would put out a DVD just for the poor doctors explaining to them, what has been done to them by the perverted education they have received, and help them to overcome a lifetime of medical brainwashing.


Excellent post. After working with chiropractors for 15 years, it amazes me how little cooperation there is.

Working together is a win-win-win: all the doctors win AND, most importantly, more people will learn about the benefits of chiropractic.

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