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Monday Morning Motivation

Would someone want to buy stock in your practice after calling your office?

It's so rare to encounter people on the front lines of the service industry that you can tell actually care. All too often, you walk into a service establishment and the first impression is someone who really doesn't want to be there or who is "above" providing any service beyond adequate.

"I'm too cool to be here," says their body language.

"I'm only doing this to pay my tuition," says the tone of their voice.

"You're just an interruption to what I really love doing," says their facial expression.

You can't hide your disdain, disrespect or dissatisfaction with your life, your job or your customer. Callers can hear your smile (or frown) and they can sense your commitment (or lack of it) in your voice.

Fake it if you must. But better is to recognize that serving others is our highest calling.

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Tony Russo:

You know Bill,
I always say, "this is your best one ever." This one is no exception. Man, every new Chiropractor should memorize the content of your MMM's and especially this one. It'll save them a ton of wasted time, wasted resources, wasted energy. And let's not even mention hardship. At least us, dare I say, veterans can take it from this point and forge ahead with it. New Doctors of Chiropractic can start off on the right foot from the get go. You don't have a clue how privileged you are. Lucky you's, lucky you's.

It's so true, Bill. I call a lot of chiropractor's offices, and I am shocked at how some receptionists answer the phone. It reflects very poorly on the doctor when the person answering the phone doesn't care.

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