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The Stroke Thing. Again.

chiropractic headlineWith chiropractic critics ramping up their fear mongering campaign, this new research out of Canada should serve as a breath of fresh air.

Published this past Saturday in Toronto’s Globe and Mail newspaper, the headline reads, “Chiropractors don’t raise stroke risk, study says.”

Turns out, when they looked at the 818 patients in the stroke study, comparing those who sought chiropractic care versus medical treatment, there was no significant difference. Patients were no more likely to suffer a stroke following a visit to a chiropractor than they would after visiting their family MD.

My guess is that his won’t prompt the Neck911USA folks to temper their “educational” campaign. Nor will it produce a flood of new patients, who have been holding off consulting your practice because of this common superstition. However, it's good news just the same.

If I were in practice, I’d have this article handy for those occasional few who refuse the most effective part of their care, the cervical adjustment. (Thanks Dr. Ron Nusbaum for the early heads up!)

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As long as rumors about the safety of chiropractic exist, we must work to educate the general public. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is doing a great job with campaigns by Jerry Rice and others. Every doctor DC needs to post articles proving efficacy of chiropractic and the fallacy of the stroke connection onto their website and work to educate the public, one patient at a time. In time, the public will come to know that chiropractic is the safest and most effective health care system available.

Tony Russo:

I read the article and was elated. Finally Chiropractic is getting its well deserved recognition as being safe. This is going to change the worldview and we'll now be able to share equal privileges with the others. Then, I skimmed through the comments. Scathing remarks were leveled. And at that moment I realised the work we have ahead of us. But, this is a great start.

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