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What I’m Reading

meatball_sundae.jpgIf you follow these posts at all, you know that I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin. His last book, The Dip, has been topped (so-to-speak) by his most recent installment, Meatball Sundae. As an entrepreneur with one foot in atoms (Patient Media) and the other in bits (Perfect Patients) I find his insights to be especially relevant. It’s the first book in which he mentions chiropractic by name! It appears on page 45. “I could go on, of course. I could talk about how the millions of full- and part-time real-estate brokers are facing an uncertain future. How everyone from chiropractors to worker’s-comp agencies are facing a challenge in getting new business. But I won’t.”

Actually he does. He explains why most advertising doesn’t work. And the 14 trends affecting you, me, your patients and your future.

The title? It comes from the notion of adding whipped cream and toppings (the Internet) to what is already there—the pedestrian meatball (adjusting) that pays the bills. You gotta read this! Or you’ll be stuck with your version of paneling, shag carpet and wishing for the ‘good old days.’

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jerry fogel D. C.:

I found the book very interesting but it left me with a question of how a chiropractor in small town South Dakota can plug into this thinking. We already are using your Perfect Patient website service.

WDE: You and your entire team will want to integrate the virtual world with the real world. Each staff member needs to be a champion for the website. There must be clues within the office you have a website: screen shots, a question posed that can be answered online. You refer to home care procedures, exercises, articles about hydration, at home orthopedic tests to enhance the referral process. Being in a small town, you may want to set up Internet access in your reception room. I think what Seth Godin was talking about is integrating the digital world into the analog world, rather than treating the digital world as a dollop of whipped cream.

Mike Headleee,D.C.:

Bill - Seth Godin is one of my favorite non-Chiropractor authors. My favorite book of his is Purple Cow. I think more Chiropractors need to be unique (like a purple cow) and not just copy the outdated models that they learned in school. I can't wait to read his newest book. M.Headlee

Bill - I can't tell what you've done but you blog looks way nicer and more "rich" than I remember it. You posts are great as usual too... and I guess I've be reading that book when I'm done with the one I'm on and the one waiting.


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