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Monday Morning Motivation

Take some time to reflect about your life and your practice.

Since so many of us obtain our esteem and self-image by what we do, we often risk becoming human doings rather than human beings! In the heat of battle, doing it, doing it, doing it, we can lose our bearings. As we fight the crocodiles of running a business we forget our mission was to drain the swamp.

Turn off the television. Ignore the newspaper. Turn inward and listen for that wee little voice that so often gets ignored. Listen for the whisperings of your heart. Not the impending symptoms of a heart attack (although I’m guessing it’s a related), but the yearnings and achings that offer clues whether you’re being mindful of, and honoring your purpose. That voice.

Your purpose isn’t to adjust patients. It probably helps advance your purpose, but it’s not your purpose. Do you know what it is? You may find these two resources helpful. Being On Purpose. The Conversation.

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Tony Russo:

Hello Bill,
I've done just what you recommended. I've turned off the television and am listening to E-Myth Revisited for the second time. Three will be good. My next CD is "Customers for Life" and when I'm not listening to the CD I'm reading "Words that Work." Good advice.

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