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Monday Morning Motivation

Is your fear of strangers interfering with your ability to get new patients?

If you're like many of us, your mother imbued you with a fear of strangers. This may have served you as a child walking home alone from school. But today it's wreaking havoc on your new patient acquisition ability, since new patients come from telling the chiropractic story to as many strangers as possible.

The Disney organization refers to the essential skill necessary here as being "aggressively friendly." It's an unusual combination of words!

It means being deft at introducing yourself. Speaking first. Having ease around strangers. Volunteering something about yourself. Being proficient at small talk. Making others feel comfortable around you. Explaining what you do in a way that prompts others to want to know more. Having a well-developed sense of curiosity helps.

Here's what's so ironic. To the strangers you're apprehensive about, you're the stranger!

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Tony Russo:

Fear of strangers. Not the problem in my universe. I find that Chiropractors have a keen sense of when it comes to feeling a person out. I bet that we can just look at a person and detect something in their life that is not right, something that takes up their attention, something troubling. I find that to whatever extent, the vast majority of people are desperately protecting an illusion. Chiropractors possess a keen sense and pick up on that. But then, what do they do. They go right back into the mechanical plastic model of the spine and how proper biomechnics is the primal cause of all their woes. Wow. I tailor my report, my initial around that person and attempt to address these abstract issues by helping them become more healthy to deal with these issues.
I find my problem is consistency, not retention. They remain my patient, they just don't come in after they've realized what they came in for.
As opposed to retention, what about a section on consistency?

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