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Monday Morning Motivation

What is a perfect day for you?

If you don’t know what would make a day perfect, it’s unlikely that you have many of them. The way you have more perfect days is to distinguish what a perfect day includes. That begins by using language to describe the aspects of your ideal day. Write it down. As you do, here are some areas to consider:

The three things: How much of your perfect day involves each of the following and in what proportion: people, things or ideas?

The four relationships: Make sure your perfect day includes a healthy mix of the physical, the intellectual, the emotional and the spiritual.

The five senses: We experience the perfect day through our nervous systems. Consider the role of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste in your ideal day.

Living consciously is a choice. What you regularly give your attention to grows. If one of your beliefs about a perfect day is that it can’t be planned or worse, that you don’t deserve one, start there. Because that’s a lie.

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Tony Russo:

Good Morning Bill,
I am finding that I'm having more and more perfect days. It's accomplished by being thankful. No, not in a religious sense, but more so a personal sense. Thankful for the person who comes in and not the time slots that are empty. That which you fight, you put your attention on, dare I say, think, you get more of. I appreciate every patient that comes in that front door, when they come in that front door. And I get more people...coming in that front door. Like you thoroughly discussed in a previous topic, new graduates, there's this sense of entitlement. That once they get their diploma, people are going to line up outside their front door just to have the privilege of being touched by his golden hands. Way over a decade ago, I was one of those glossy-eyed graduates who thought his brutal handsomeness and charm would win him the masses. His brutal handsomeness remains uncontested, but enough tumbleweeds rolling across my front door have taught me that a devoted, charismatic yet humble servant (if that's possible) will win oneself a stable fullfuilling practice. And diversify, diversify, diversify. And don't forget, appreciate, be thankful and you'll enjoy a fulfilled life.

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