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Monday Morning Motivation

I still meet chiropractors unfamiliar with the work of Michael Gerber. His insights into the small business trinity of entrepreneur, manager and technician should be required reading at every chiropractic college.

So, if you left chiropractic college thinking you just had to be a great diagnostician and proficient adjuster, and a line would form in front of your office, immediately get a copy of The E-myth Revisited at your nearest bookstore! (Or click the link to buy it at Install systems that will free you. Rise above the temptation of “doing it, doing it, doing it.”

If you want to help more people, make a difference and leave a legacy, you must develop your managerial and entrepreneurial muscles. Otherwise, you’ve sentenced yourself to a job. Maybe a great job, but a job nonetheless.

While you’re at it, jettison the myth that great businesspeople aren’t great healers. In my travels, I’ve seen just the opposite.

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Evan Hughes D.C.:

I read the e-myth physicians and found it phenomenal!!! I am currently working to implement the concepts and practices he teaches. It's not turn key, "do this and do that" but it's easy to design your own system out of the principles... which is what the book is about. I am redesigning my whole business model around his approach because it's simple and makes sense. It also gave tremendous insight in to failures and successes of the past 3 years I've been running an office. Great stuff.

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