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Monday Morning Motivation

If you still have emotional wounds from being turned down for the high school prom or find patient rejection painful for other reasons, you may not understand what “yes” and “no” mean in patientese.

“Yes” can mean, “Sure, but it better work in three visits or I’m out of here.” Or maybe, “I’m putting the responsibility for my recovery on your shoulders.” Not to mention the popular, “Whatever my insurance company will pay for.”

“No” can mean, “Not yet.” Or, “I need to think about it.” Or, “Maybe some other time because I have more pressing priorities.” Or perhaps, “Chiropractic makes total sense but I need Ralph’s approval first.”

Turns out a “yes” may not mean, “By all means!” and a “no” may not mean, “No way!” So, be less inclined to pat yourself on the back when you encounter a yes, and even less inclined to beat yourself up when you encounter a no.

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Tony Rusoo:

Hey Bill,
Great little affirmations to start every day wth. Thank you for your passion and diligence. Yes, a little softer toned than my comment to "Telling the Truth", but at least you know two things: 1.We READ your stuff, therefore we value it and, 2. My previous comment sparked some...dialogue? Have a great weekend all.

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