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Monday Morning Motivation

What are you avoiding?

Anything that you're unwilling to look at, face, confront, examine, question or discuss is holding you in bondage. Like a bully that compelled you to avoid part of the playground or caused you to take the long way home, whatever you choose to avoid holds you hostage.

Secret behaviors, hidden habits, addictions and our basest nature are common suspects. Or maybe it's an employee who needs to move on. Or a checkbook you avoid balancing. Or perhaps clothes you'll never wear again that you hang onto because discarding them means accepting your weight issue. Need I go on?

This week identify at least one issue that you've been avoiding and commit to facing and cleaning it up. Avoidance has made it bigger than it really is. You'll be rewarded by a renewed sense of ease, simplicity and peace.

Which could inspire you to tackle another. And another!

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Hi Bill,

I am not a Chiropractor, but rather an employee...who serves beside you at Patient Media.

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate how you are able to write with such honesty and in turn have the effect which is having others search with what I hope is the same honesty. There are many things as a single parent that I avoid and therefore many things which hold me in bondage. It is a day to day fight for me...for others, perhaps that is not the case. But as I grow, and become who it is that Christ would like me to be, I find that the very things I avoid are the ones that when confronted I learn from the most.

Thanks for waking me up again...I feel like hitting myself on the forehead and exclaiming" I could've had a V-8....but I got one better....I read your blog!

Thanks for all you do. Thanks for who you are.


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