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Monday Morning Motivation

Do patients who are bold enough to announce that they're only interested in a visit or two for the most superficial pain relief offend you?

The My-Way-Or-The-Highway crowd inflates with self-righteousness by driving such unenlightened patients away. Their ego, pride or false sense of control often ends relationships before they can even begin.

This is the difference between caring for patients and loving patients. When you care, you do so with strings attached. "I'll do this if you'll do that." When you love, you serve without judgment or expectation.

Allowing a patient's limited understanding or financial constraint to make you indignant or slighted is a needless form of self-abuse. It may take a decade of starting and stopping care several times before they "get" chiropractic. What's the hurry?

By showing up in your office, you have a lesson to teach patients. More fascinating may be the lesson of patience they are showing up to teach you!

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Theresa Galant,DC:

When you look at it that way, with the intention that they may "get it" in the future it's not so bad. But I have an engineering office above my office and 3 people have come down for strictly "fix it" visits. No matter what I say they just want to come in for the pain relief. Do you really think that they might change in the future? And the difficult thing about this situation is that I have to see these people a lot since they work upstairs of me. I hate to hound them but I feel like I need to be saying something to help them "get it".

WDE: What's the hurry? Instead of hounding them, why not ask questions to try to understand their worldview?

Thanks, Bill.

Keep up the great work.

Dr. Hunt

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