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Is There Any Money in Healthy People?

Chiropractic patient education is needed!Let me first confess that I’m not much of a fan of so-called comedian Bill Maher. I find his sardonic style and political leanings difficult to swallow. However, this brief rant about health and health care is not only on the money, but reveals a painful truth that all too many chiropractors seem unwilling to tell their patients about. Simply put, follow the money. And there isn’t any money in healthy people. Or is there? (Thanks Mark Franzen, DC.)

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This is truly a "tell-it-like-it-is" piece. I would not typically indulge this guy for all the reasons your prefaced this blog with, so thanks much Bill for the link. Very insigtful!

Julie Seymour:

Hi Bill,

Brilliant! So much so, in fact, that I recently began my own blog post about this very clip. Mine's not done yet, so you beat me to it, but it's nice to see it getting some play beyond the late-night Friday night HBO crowd.

While I don't even begin to agree with everything that Bill Maher has to say, I continue to watch because I think he is spot on about nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness, and every now and then he turns loose a gem like this. I've been saying "Follow the money" for years, and I've found that it's a tall order for me, let alone my average I say it often.

Thanks for the giggle!


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