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The California Chiropractors Website

california-chiropractors.jpgThe chiropractors of California have stepped up to a Perfect Patients website, a service offered by our sister company, Perfect Patients. If you’re a member of the CCA (or know you should be) leave a comment by clicking on the Comment link below. If you’re a member of a state association and would like a patient-friendly website to educate prospective patients in your state, find out about Perfect Patients. And if you’re a hardworking chiropractor who would like a website that works just as hard as you do by educating patients, improving retention and stimulating referrals, find out more about chiropractic websites from Perfect Patients.

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Hey Bill, thanks for all of your support for the CCA and Chiropractic. Your great website and CCA member opportunities will help our cause and our profession. Evan

A wonderful site that will help attract and educate many. Thank you Bill for your contributions to our profession!


The website looks great. The information is broad-reaching and answers ALL the questions most patients have, while re-framing their thinking about healthcare decision-making with a patient-centered response. I love it! I will look to provide you with more data to teach consumers the tie in between the Immune System, the Endocrine System and the Nervous System.Thanks for all you do.


Interesting and valuable site. People should be able to learn more about chiropractic with this site. Thank you.

Great information Bill. Looks great and is very usable. Thanks for helping the CCA!

Bill, thanks for all you do.
CaliforniaChiropractic looks great!
It fills a great void in reaching our patients and other doctors with the good news of chiropractic. Your dedication and hard work shine- we're looking forward to more...

I have been looking forward to this CCA affiliation with Perfect Patients since I heard it was in the works. This will be a great enhancement to our internet marketing efforts. Thank you for being a part of CCA.

Tracy Cole, D.C.:

Great site Bill. For those that don't know, it can be found at It has easy to follow links for each condition that a patient would want to learn about. Thanks again.


As the membership director for CCA, I'm getting real excited about the potential of the new site to bring in new members who will want to be included in this fantastic patient-based web site with their listing as a CCA member.

Thanks Bill.

Bill thank you so much for designing a site for our association. It looks fantastic!

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