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Monday Morning Motivation

What you give your attention to, grows.

When you take a patient's apparent rejection of your recommendations personally, your anger and frustration grows.

When you focus on your seeming need for more new patients, the need seems to become even greater.

When you ruminate about the patients who don't show up, rather than being grateful and attentive with those who do, you produce even more no shows.

When you concentrate on survival and paying the bills, you sentence yourself to just getting by and preclude the abundance you really deserve.

When you worry about what others think, you undermine your own certainty, causing others to have their doubts, further fueling your insecurity.

When you take a patient's irresponsible or disrespectful behavior home with you or devote an entire staff meeting to discussing it, you produce even more such behavior.

Be mindful of what you water and fertilize in your mind's garden.

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Tony Russo:

Hi Bill,
Read your MMM guessed it, Monday Morning. Then I have my staff meeting based upon the theme of your subject. As many who choose to take note, have noticed, I respond to alot of the subjects Bill talks about. And I always preface my comment with, "this is one of your best".
Well Bill, this is one of your best. Law of Attraction, something I've known for over 3 decades. You have placed it in its proper spot in a new unit of time. Basic principles, simple ideas, profound impact. Good work again Bill. Very good.

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