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Monday Morning Motivation

What you give your attention to, grows.

When you take a patient's apparent rejection of your recommendations personally, your anger and frustration grows.

When you focus on your seeming need for more new patients, the need seems to become even greater.

When you ruminate about the patients who don't show up, rather than being grateful and attentive with those who do, you produce even more no shows.

When you concentrate on survival and paying the bills, you sentence yourself to just getting by and preclude the abundance you really deserve.

When you worry about what others think, you undermine your own certainty, causing others to have their doubts, further fueling your insecurity.

When you take a patient's irresponsible or disrespectful behavior home with you or devote an entire staff meeting to discussing it, you produce even more such behavior.

Be mindful of what you water and fertilize in your mind's garden.


The One Thing

Many complain that after a century of great results chiropractic should be more fully accepted by now. These same chiropractors use this observation to advance their pet notion of the one thing that would be needed to permit chiropractic to finally reach the tipping point.

What's your one thing?Their mistake is thinking that it’s just one thing that stands in the way.

Like Curly.

In case you missed it, actor Jack Palance was the crusty cowpoke Curly in the 1991 comedy City Slickers. Here’s the dialogue from the scene in which Mitch (played by Billy Crystal) learns about the one thing:

Curly: Do you know what the secret of life is?
Curly: This. [holds up one finger]
Mitch: Your finger?
Curly: One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don't mean shit.
Mitch: But what is the "one thing?"
Curly: [smiles] That's what you have to find out.

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Monday Morning Motivation

When your memories of the past are bigger than your dreams for the future, you're on your way to the grave.

Do you long for the past when your practice was more fulfilling? Do you long for your youth when you had fewer responsibilities? Do you long for the days when life was simple and decisions easier? Do you long for the time when patients would follow your commands? Do you long for the era when insurance reimbursement was more generous?

If you're living in the past, focused on the "good old days," you've surrendered to a memory and resisting what is. Life is supposed to be an adventure! Resisting change and clinging to a romantic notion of the past is merely a feeble attempt at making your world small enough to control. Not only will your effort be in vain, but your attempts will make you increasingly brittle, irrelevant and unappreciated.



Quantum Chiropractic

How do you explain chiropractic failures?According to David Seaman, MS, DC, DACBN in a recent article entitled, “It’s Time to Move Beyond Subluxation” published in Dynamic Chiropractic, the term subluxation has no place in the 2007 vernacular since we can’t measure pre- or post-adjustment changes. (Really?) Worse, “certain patients” don’t respond as expected after a so-called “treatment” for subluxation. (Of course.) Thus, subluxation is an anachronistic term we should put behind us; a remnant of an unenlightened bygone era.

Nice try.

This will be a tough sell, since according to a recent survey, an overwhelming majority of chiropractors said they want to retain the term “vertebral subluxation complex.”

“We need to give up the notion that adjustments have magical or supernatural healing outcomes,” continues Dr. Seaman.

I couldn’t agree more. But probably for different reasons.

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Monday Morning Motivation

Our physical world is merely a manifestation of our spiritual world. It's easy to get distracted by what we can see, and in the process overlook the world we can't see.

What lessons do we need to learn, or become present to when we're confronted by chronic health problems, chronic marital problems, chronic financial problems, chronic procrastination problems, chronic staff problems or chronic new patient problems?

It's tempting to address the physical world, when the real solution is in the unseen world of our spirit, beliefs, emotions, habits and tendencies.

This week, take some time to reflect on the recurring issues you face; the "speed bumps" that keep slowing you down. These are signs and symptoms of something far deeper and significant. Permanent solutions are located here. They likely involve gratitude, forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance. In other words, more love. It's the ultimate personal and professional problem-solving tool.


The Buddy Barrier

How do you show up?Last weekend I completed another Debrief for The Conversation. With a half-dozen of these intimate gatherings under my belt, several themes are emerging. By creating a safe place for chiropractors to lower their guard and confront the issues holding them back, participants are able to discard some of the limiting beliefs standing in the way.

One such belief is related to the last couple of posts I’ve made here dealing with the adjustment. What it is and what it isn’t; what it does and what it doesn’t do. The second is a common strategy that some chiropractors use to influence patient behavior, showing up in their practice as the patient’s pal, friend or buddy.

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Dear Bill Take It Or Leave It Annual Plans

Q: After years of take-it-or-leave-it-yearly-pre-paid plans I'm starting to let go. I realized that the patients I look forward to seeing the most are the ones that decided on their own to adopt a chiropractic lifestyle despite my best efforts to "keep them on the bus.” Like you predicted in "The Seminar" I have been rewarded with diminished statistical results. I know in my heart that this is the best long-term sustainable route, but I was wondering if you had any knowledge on how long it has taken other offices to rebound to their former (and hopefully greater) glory?

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Monday Morning Motivation

Self-esteem is what you think of you. Social-esteem is what others think of you. Of the two, self-esteem is more important.

Like health, acquiring self-esteem is an inside job. It can’t be raised by the kind words of others. It can’t be purchased. And it can’t be obtained by more education, more initials after your name, more new patients or even more take-home pay. Those hollow attempts obscure the underlying source of self-esteem: having risen to the challenge of accomplishing something difficult.

The wide, easy, path-of-least-resistance saps self-esteem. We get flabby. We lose our nerve. We become consumed by doubt. We find ourselves trapped in a life of mediocrity.

If you’ve been coasting, resolve this week to take on something difficult. Something that will require high levels of creativity, perseverance, courage or risk.

Then, as you naturally come to think of yourself more highly, others can safely do the same.


The California Chiropractors Website

california-chiropractors.jpgThe chiropractors of California have stepped up to a Perfect Patients website, a service offered by our sister company, Perfect Patients. If you’re a member of the CCA (or know you should be) leave a comment by clicking on the Comment link below. If you’re a member of a state association and would like a patient-friendly website to educate prospective patients in your state, find out about Perfect Patients. And if you’re a hardworking chiropractor who would like a website that works just as hard as you do by educating patients, improving retention and stimulating referrals, find out more about chiropractic websites from Perfect Patients.


Are You an Evangelist?

Are you spreading the word?Apparently, the worst pejorative that can be hurled at those who consider chiropractic more than just a mechanical treatment for certain cases neck and pack pain is to call them a “chiroevangalist.” I think this is meant to be a derisive term, suggesting that the chiropractor is mentally deficient, unenlightened or plain stupid by “believing” in or putting stock in certain metaphysical or even whole body effects of the chiropractic adjustment. I guess the thinking goes something like this: if it’s not found in the “literature” (scripture) with the blessing of anointed and properly creditentialed “peers” (disciples), than the chiropractic “intervention” (sacrament) can’t produce the result (miracle) that is claimed. Any suggestion that chiropractic might help one’s general health, improve organic conditions or enhance the body’s healing ability is dismissed as old school dogma, irresponsible wishful thinking and well, unprofessional.


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Where Are We?

limbo_land.jpgFriday I had lunch with a nearby chiropractor who has been going through a rough patch. A divorce, staffing issues and a lack of new patients have created new, unfamiliar financial pressures. During our lunch, I heard three issues that seem to hold promise for his recovery. Whether he will have the courage to act upon them remains to be seen—after all, there is often a disconnect between knowing and doing.

The three issues were ownership, recreating the past and pride.

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