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Monday Morning Motivation

This summer I'm sharing a handful of the 3,000 proverbs written or collected by King Solomon. Put his wisdom to work in your practice:

10:2 Ill-gotten gain brings no lasting happiness; right living does.

Cheating, or using means that unfairly give you an advantage, such as leveraging your social authority as a doctor, produces a hollow "success" that never creates lasting joy. Worse, it creates a mistrust (of ourselves) that we must constantly cover up, fearing someone will see through our cover up.

Are cash payments carefully recorded and reported? Laxity here sends powerful signals to your staff and can result in even far greater damage due to privacy breeches or even theft.

Related to this is the inclination to treat a patient's insurance policy, rather than the patient. These and other lapses of judgment, which often occur when we think no one is watching, weigh us down with guilt, shame and the fear of being found out.

If you've found yourself the recipient of ill-gotten gain, regardless of how you've justified it, make amends. Confess your trespass, change your ways and get back on track.

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Robert C Bergeron DC:

I can't tell you how many times that a prodigal patient has returned and let out a big sigh of relief when I didn't give them the 3rd degree for dropping out of care. They usually say something like "I almost didn't come back because I thought you'd be mad at me. I REALLY appreciate you understanding". They usually become some of my best patients and they REFER!!

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