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Moore Evidence to Convert to Cash

Pro chiropractic? You be the judge.I just watched Sicko, the new film by Michael Moore. I’ve never been a fan of Michael Moore or his politics, but I have to admit I was taken by his documentary about “health” insurance in the United States. I already knew staggering medical bills were involved in most US bankruptcies—even people with insurance. While Mr. Moore’s conclusion seems to suggest that we socialize our health care system and model it after the Canadian, UK, French or even Cuban system, what we really have is a crisis in personal responsibility. However, he may be right about one thing. In France, and elsewhere, the government is afraid of the people. In the US, the people are afraid of the government. Which may be why nationalizing 1/7th of our GNP may not be such a good idea after all...

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Tony Russo:

Nationalized health care like that which we have here in Ontario, granted may have its drawbacks like wastin...I mean waiting 8 hours in the ER, BUT no one died waiting in the ER. It actually weeds out all the "moaners" and people visit the hospital for only "emergencies".

And Bill, I'm sorry, but I tried the cash thing you recommend and was looking at an empty office. Sorry, man. I tried it in earnest for 3 years. If it wasn't for getting into IME's I'd be probably still working for free or McDonald's wages. So I converted back to Insurance (Greenshield only, no Blue Cross, Manulife or any others)and my IME's.
You're still the guy I'd go all the way to Toronto or Dearborn or Chicago to see. You're the only one whose posters I have plastered all over my walls. You're still the only one whose advice I'll take. But I've also got to feed my family.

Be Well,
Tony Russo

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