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Monday Morning Motivation

This summer I'm sharing a handful of the 3,000 proverbs written or collected by King Solomon. Put his wisdom to work in your practice:

18:15 The intelligent man is always open to new ideas. In fact, he looks for them.

Some of the most successful chiropractors I know are those who avoided the temptation of Not Invented Here, suppressing the urge to reinvent the wheel, modeling the beliefs and behaviors of those already successful.

Ironically, the folks who are struggling are those who dogmatically cling to their own notion of what patients should do. When patients don't, patients become the problem! They persevere anyway, trying to superimpose their notion of reality onto patients until they're sufficiently humbled. Then they're available for a new way of practicing.

Who's doing what you want to be doing? Who has what you want to have? Become a student. Believe what they believe and you will be able to do what they do. Like a necktie that goes out of style and then returns, it's an idea so old it seems new!

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Rick Hasemeier D.C:

The more I think that I know, the more I realize there is to learn . The quest for more knowledge is infinite in the journey of life. The more that I resist learning something new in my life, the more that lesson keeps showing up in my life.
Learning is what keeps life exciting and stimulates my mind and body.
Grow or wilt away.
I love all your stimulating ideas Bill.

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